In the late 1980s, four Christian movements in Europe came together: Christians in Business (Germany), International Association of Christian Businessmen (Switzerland), Christian Business Men’s Committee (Holland), and the Association of Executives Witnessing to the Gospel (France).

Business teachers from Europe and North America shared Christian entrepreneurship principles. Seminars and workshops sprang up on business ethics and biblical decision-making.
Men and women started new commercial ventures and learned principles of sales and marketing.

The thrill of knowing Christ flared in new believers, and existing believers rededicated themselves to living and sharing the Gospel. From factory floor to parliamentary chamber, Europartners professionals became one through the Holy Spirit.

By 2002, Europartners had established viable,
self-supporting evangelical ministries in
28 countries. Today, 6,000 leaders in 31 countries actively present Christ to thousands in the marketplaces of 400 cities.

Europartners Ministries Corp. exists to serve this movement. Europeans and
North Americans partnering together for
the sake of Jesus.
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