EMC’s mission is to equip business and professional people to develop, integrate, and extend their Christian faith in the marketplace and in their unique spheres of influence.


Many of Europe’s entrepreneurs try to fill the emptiness of their souls with materialism. They struggle with cynicism or fear, when what they need is hope.

Their world is competitive, stressful and complex; they wish for guidance in decision-making. Relationships need healing.

What they need is Christ—lived out biblically in their professional and personal lives. "For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water will flow from the hearts of those who believe in Me” (John 7:38, MKJ).


Europartners Ministries Corporation shows business men and women of Eastern and Western Europe how to know God through… His Business. EMC is affiliated with the extensive Europartners network ( based in the Netherlands.

EMC partners with CBMC International,
Compass - Finances God's Way,
Christ @ Work (Fellowship of Companies for Christ International), Crown Financial Ministries, and others who share this mission and vision.

Will you step up with your time, talents, and/or resources to give a leader hope?





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