Whether the setting is one–on–one, small group, or a large conference, the curricula and strategy have to come from somewhere. And EMC has been blessed with outstanding source material.



Marketplace Ethics (Ethics That Work) - EMC's most popular workshop

A course for both Christians and non-Christians that focuses on applying
principles from the Ten Commandments to business life
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Class Study

Leadership for Hard Times

a small group study of Nehemiah's leadership style
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Compass--Finances God's Way

Serves churches, businesses, ministries, schools and other organizations by providing biblically-based solutions on handling money and possessions
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Crown Financial Ministries

Presents the essentials to debt-free living and God’s plan for financial stewardship in a small group setting through European churches.
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Business by the Book (Doing Business God’s Way)

A seminar that focuses on Biblical principles for the workplace
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Alpha in the Workplace

Introduction to Christian faith in a lunch setting at work
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Operation Timothy

Building Christian faith through personal relationships and mentorship
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Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI)

Top industry executives sharing Christ with their employees,
customers, and suppliers.
FCCI also encourages mutual support of owners and
CEOs through the sharing of successes, failures, and
the daily stresses of life in the business. world
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John Maxwell (Equip Ministries)

John Maxwell’s God-centered principles for leadership training for business owners (in 26 languages of Europe), training people to step up and
lead God’s way.
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Each of these organizations facilitate the translation of its own printed materials –handbooks, guidebooks, lessons, and notes –into more than two dozen indigenous languages. European business people have access to these structured programs in their own language, in their own culture.