Leadership for Hard Times

Do you have a position, responsibility, vision, or calling, yet you’re struggling with economic situations or even perhaps persecution (subtle or overt)? 
Be encouraged!  There is much we can learn from the wise, visionary leadership of Nehemiah. 
He knew the source of power and wisdom, and he understood human nature.

This interactive group study is based on the biblical leadership style of Nehemiah.
Long ago, he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in only 52 days—in spite of enormous challenges, opposition, and even sabotage. 
His leadership principles are just as effective today, as they were in Nehemiah’s day.

Designed for 5 to 25 participants, Leadership for Hard Times is a one-evening seminar.
Participants gain the best insights when they have read through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah before attending. Worksheets are available.  Presenters are Gary and Susan Bauer.





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