Media Communications Consulting

Gary and Susan Bauer consult with businesses and ministries, out of their international experience in video production—including broadcast, corporate, medical, training, cable, satellite, web, and ministry projects. Gary’s expertise is primarily in producing/directing, editing, and the technical/equipment side of media. Susan knows how to say and show it; an award-winning producer, scriptwriter, and novelist, she also proofreads English-language materials for grammar and clarity.

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"The Bauers make a great team, and have served us through 35 years of our missionary service in Portugal and Ukraine.  They have helped us with quality Media Communications as well as Media Communications Consulting. 
Their videos have not only been very effective, but have won various awards, showing the quality of their work, knowledge, and commitment to the expansion of the Kingdom of God.  They know this field from every side.” 
--Clay Quarterman, PhD, Mission to the World, Ukraine


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