Mentoring and Coaching

Are you looking for a mentoring or coaching relationship with a seasoned business leader?
 Europartners Ministries Corporation (EMC) offers these services by email and Skype (from the USA) and also in person when the leaders are traveling in Europe.
Tom Tannery, EMC President, has extensive experience as a Christian operating in the corporate world.  He founded a large, successful wholesale food and beverage company serving clients in the restaurant industry worldwide.  Tom is a deep thinker and good listener.

Gary Bauer, EMC Global Communications Director, has 30 years entrepreneurial experience in television production; he clearly understands the environment of small business and the challenges of the service sector. 

Gary is thankful for a CBMC leader who coached him in the early years of his business. He has mentored European and American interns.  And Gary trained with CBMC—in the classroom and practical life--to become a coach.



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