EMC is committed to multiplying the effects of Christ in the marketplace. Essential to this is “training the trainer.” Methods include personal, one–on–one mentoring, and group training sessions.

Through EMC, North Americans go to Europe to teach, and that is effective. But benefits are even greater when God’s way of doing business is taught in Europe by a European, who speaks the same language and knows firsthand the local way of life. Community transformation and electrifying Christian witness grow as business men and women meet together regularly for support and encouragement. EMC is delighted to serve the Europartners network of 6,000 leaders in 400 cities of 31 countries who do this.

The 2 to 6 hour workshop, "Marketplace Ethics" (also called "Ethics That Work") is the backbone of EMC’s training program.

Other leadership development is also available:

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and "Personal Financial Bible Study"

Europartners Ministries Corporation wants to see the impact of Christ multiply in the marketplace!

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