Those who are changed by Jesus Christ change their environments.

The marketplaces of Europe desperately need the presence of Jesus of Nazareth. Can you imagine what would happen on this continent if more Christians in business actively lived out their faith? It could heal the foundations of every society!
The family, the local church, the community, and the government ––each sphere could radiate the hope Jesus gives.

By connecting with responsible entrepreneurial leaders, Europartners Ministries cultivates, equips, and enhances Christian faith in individual spheres of influence. Professionals gain self-confidence, and their influence on others strengthens. Commerce changes as God begins to direct businesses and men and women grow closer to Him.

“… I think it’s the business community that really holds the keys to the re-evangelization of Europe.”

Michael Ramsden, European Director Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Trust
keynote speaker for Europartners 2009 Congress in Rome.

God is changing Europe through Europartners Ministries. Christ’s presence in the marketplace is spreading. Lives changed by Christ do change their environments.

Do you share the vision?